‘Shudder’ & it’s successful Kickstarter campaign so filming soon ;-)

A few months ago I auditioned for a great animation short ‘Shudder’. I have to say it was a fairly tough audition, not only did Rob Ride the director want extreme and truthful emotions from moment to moment but then I had to die on camera.

“When I clap my hands once you are getting shot in the leg, when I clap my hands again you get shot in the chest and then die. Please.’ Rob asked.

I tried to do my best non bad Shakespearean death scene, trying to remember the death rattle. (Yes the weird negative in the previous sentence is deliberate.) I was super pleased when they said they wanted me to be part of it, it is a super cool story and commentary about war photojournalists.

However since then there have been location let downs and all the myriad issues that come with making film, especially one that will require so much post production as well as Green screen, specific locations and yep explosions. So they launched a Kickstarter campaign and this weekend it finished successfully. So we are back on; there will be mud, possibly fake blood, an intense shoot and food! We have been promised that if the Kickstarter campaign is successful we will get fed more than just porridge.

I particularly liked this particular ‘MASTER OF EXPLOSIONS’ pledge that got 6 backers.
Screen shot 2013-08-18 at 18.49.52

So well done Tom Booth the producer and Rob, I look forward to it 😉

Here is their Kickstarter viral for the campaign.