At Cannes 2014

I am at Cannes this year for the film festival and having a great time. I am endeavouring not to just rush from one party and screening to the next but it is day four now and I have yet to have any rest. Still it’s wonderful to be here, I am here for the whole festival and on the very first day i heard my name called and there was a director whose feature film I was in 14 years ago!

These pictures are from the Hunger Games Mockingjay party. The film is shooting in Paris so there was a huge all stops pulled out party last night. We had to go to a secret place, be given a Mockingjay badge and then were shuttled to a huge oligarch’s home where it had been dressed to the nines and we drank and partied 🙂

It is ironic as on my love your creativity blog I started a 100 Days of being an actress blog seriess to track my time spent on auditioning, book keeping and networking as opposed to the perceived perpetual glamour. When I started a couple of weeks ago I had not intended to go to Cannes so my attempt to disprove this has been blown out of the water very quickly.