Claire Dowie on writing & performing solo shows

I have for the last two years, have a podcast and blog about creativity called in which i interview people who inspire me as I meet through the course of my acting career as well as share tips and advice on what keeps me moving forward. I am doing two solo performer shows in the next two weeks alongside Claire Dowie, the multi award winning performer, writer and director.

So here is the podcast interview link to the great chat I had with Claire on her many decades of making her own work. link to interview

The gigs are part of the Best of Solo Face to Face Theatre festival curated by director Colin Watkeys. The interview I did with him previously about making your own solo work is here.  He has directed Claire for many years as well as such great performers and storytellers as Ken Campbell.

link to interview with Colin Watkeys

face to face festoval of solo theatre

Details of all the shows at the White Bear June 30th 2015 to July 10th 2015 is Face to Face festival 2015

The double header shows I am doing as The Singing Psychic, alongside Claire are July 2nd and July 8th 2015.