Berlinale Film Festival

I had the chance for the second year in a row to go to Berlinale, the Berlin Film Festival. It is always full of very cool films and the city vibe as always is wonderful – from the perfect German comfort food that you need in that weather to the hidden away bars and clubs that are worth scouting out. Some pics below 😉 Selfies were beyond me in that weather 🙂

I missed seeing ALONE IN BERLIN and A QUIET PASSION, the two UK films there was a huge buzz about so I will have to wait til they come to the UK. I particularly loved the Polish Film Institute’s annual producers party, with them running out of the apple juice but the vodkas kept on flowing 😉

The Berlinale festival bag this year was amazing, I have been using last year’s a lot but this one was even more of a winner. I was amongst the many complaining at the too small Cannes 2015 bag (1st world problem I know) but Berlinale’s canvas totes are worth keeping.

I had some great meetings out there so we will see the next steps 😉