Screen grabs of Paul Clayton playing my husband ;-)

I have just had the secret Youtube link to the short I did with Paul Clayton in January this year. No I can’t pop it on here but here are some of the screen grabs. The film ‘Sunday Dinner With The Morgan’ has already been entered into 2 film festivals and a few more to go I gather. Jack Pollington was the great producer on it and Alex Forbes directed it.

Paul Clayton is recently deceased from Hollyoaks as his twitter handle puts it at present. However I can assure you he is very well and I did a podcast interview with him for my creativity blog Love Your Creativity. This site is my own work as it were. Paul gave loads of great advice on auditions, acting and keeping same as an actor. He has not only done an insane amount of screen work  from Peep Show, Him and Her, Ali G Indahouse, he also has hs own corporate acting company and is Chair of the Actors Centre.


Our podcast interview link is How to book auditions: This is who I am, would you like it? Paul Clayton on auditions & making money as an actor

I, as usual,  make beautiful on screen children Ellysha Elgon-Smith and Lukas Rolfe 😉