Sunday Dinner touring US Film Festivals

I filmed a great short film at the beginning of this year ‘Sunday Dinner With The Morgans’ and it is being screened in four US Film Festivals this month (Sept 2014). It is always lovely when projects you work on get to go the extra mile and getting this email from Jack Pollington, the extremely focused producer was great. Paul Clayton (Peep Show, Him And Her) played my husband 😉

This is just a little update about Sunday dinner with the Morgans film festival successes. Alex (Forbes the director) and myself are currently working in the US gearing up for a trip across the country where we will be visiting ‘Northeast film festival’ early September, in which we are nominated, then ‘Big Bear Lake film festival’ in California a week later, followed by ‘NewFilmakers LA’ in Central LA finally we’re being screened at Moving Media film festival in Detroit. It’s going to be a crazy month. I just thought I’d let you know how the film’s festival life is doing and if you are in the states at all in September I’d love to get you a ticket to one of the screenings.

Here is the trailer!

 While I could not justify the expense of popping to the States at present it has been lovely to see the various US film festivals such as New Filmmakers LA tweeting about the film calling it ‘dark and surreal’ 😉 Their Website Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 12.31.35href=””>here