Meeting Aliens in London: in the Sunday Times

Sunday Times Marysia Trembecka Sci Fi Channel Defiance Aliens

Part of the joys of being an actress is the guarantee to meet new and exciting people last week I did an ident for Taylor Herring for the Sci Fi channel. I have played an alien before but not got to meet one!

I was to be a discerning Harrods shopper who bumps into aliens !

It was all embargoed hence my lack of mention til last Thursday but I popped in to a friend of mine who I also co -wrote, produced and performed a comedy, cabaret, cooking show at the Brighton Festival, and she proudly waved the Sunday Times at me. Somehow she had spotted my picture in the News Review section. (Pictured)

how fun 😉

Here is the whole commercial – such a great idea and so well executed

i will now dig out the pics I had and post as the ad is going ‘viral’ apparently. It was certainly fun to shoot a selfie with the aliens, we so quickly drew a crowd with people taking selfies of themselves with us in the background. I wasn’t there when then filmed the ‘aliens on Boris bikes’ section but I can imagine the public’s reactions!