‘Mother’s Heart’ accepted into Cannes 2015

I just heard that MOTHERS HEART, a film I made at the tail end of last year has been accepted into the Short Film Corner of Cannes 2015. II am super pleased, especially for the director and writer Diego Barrios. I have already booked and paid for my flights and accommodation anyway to Cannes, but it is great news I will be able to go and see the film there. I have not yet seen it yet.

Mother's Heart Film Diego Barrios Marysia Trembecka Cannes 2015

Written and directed by Diego Barrios, it is based on a story his mother, a cardiologist in Brazil herself, had told him.

A young boy feels a strong chest pain during football practice and, taken by his step-mother, he undergoes an echo-cardiogram to find why does his heart hurts so much.
I played the cardiologist and had great fun being taught how to use a echocardiogram machine.
Produced by Juan Coello Hollebecq, the rest of the cast were great, especially the little boy!