MIPTV 2015 & the International Emmy Awards

I was at the International Emmy awards (Digital) last night in Cannes for MIPTV. The shortlisted and winning projects were all amazingly creative  from the nominated  ‘Werewolf – who’s the liar?’ programme in Japan to the award winning ‘Reverse The Odds’ UK production which built an app gamifying cancer cells to help the kids in line with a Channel 4 production on cancer. It was lovely to see ‘Don’t Stop The Music’, the British TV production which galvanised the nation to give in their unused instruments to school children across the countryThe sheer breadth of vision of how production companies across the world dream up truly great interactive content made me very excited to be part of such a creative community.

iNTERNATIONAL Emmy awards digital
Dina Foxx – deadly contact


The Pioneer prize went to awesomenesstv founder Brian Robbins his wiki who said in his acceptance speech that despite his other huge successes from films hitting number one in the box office (Coach Carter etc) and TV shows (Smallville, One Tree Hill) lasting ten years he felt his awesomenesstv network  was his greatest achievement.

I am in Cannes for MIPTV, the world’s largest TV and digital content market. The place is full of brilliant creatives and producers all networking and making deals for distrubution for their products. There are lots of amazing talks as well on all aspects of digital content from YouTube to interactivity via the TV, I want to go to all of them especially with my The Singing Psychic character starting her YouTube life and shooting the webseries ‘Songs Of Soho’ starting this Saturday!


I also managed to get to the Texas Rising ITV screening and premiere party, it is always nice to walk around in Cannes and indeed up a red carpet without the craziness of the crowds though there were probably a few hundred around the Martinez last night. The May Cannes International film festival for which I have already got my accreditation, flights and accomodation is a far wilder beast than MIPTV. I am already resting ahead of it!

Texas Rising Cannes International Emmy awards digital MIPTV Marysia Trembecka