Sunday Dinner still screening across the world ;)

I was checking to see if producer Jack Pollington had heard any more on our Oscar nomination (yep SUNDAY DINNER WITH THE MORGANShas so far reached the semi-final nominations for a Student Academy Award – winners include Trey Parker and Spike Lee) and he let me know about his site

Basically it has all the festivals, awards and screenings listed on it. I knew we had screened in Poland at the fantastic Cameraimage festival and won various awards in the States but i did not know it has also been accepted and screened in festivals from China, Italy and Istanbul 😉

sunday dinner all website awards

There is a link there to watch the whole 12 minute film so you can click on there to watch if you would like.




Four intertwining vignettes peering behind the closed doors of the Morgan family. Underneath their perfect picturesque veneer, The Morgans each engage in their own dark and twisted acts of moral depravity, all the while concealing their vices from the family.

Meet the Morgans: A snapshot of the perfect family. Ian, An authoritative patriarch, His doting wife, Cassandra the quintessential housewife. Their children, Jenna, musically gifted and well mannered and Timmy, Smarter than the average 10 year old, often seen but never heard. Yes, the Morgans truly are a modern envision of the 1950’s nuclear family. Ah, but underneath…Behind the steam cleaned velvet curtains of their beautiful upper middle class home each of the family leads a secret life of moral decay and desperation. Maintaining their image of perfection to one another has proven tricky over time and everything comes to a boil on one particular Sunday evening. You are invited to Sunday Dinner with the Morgans, Join us in delicious food and delectable depravity. It is going to be one hell of a meal.