Raindance Webfest and Film Festival

On the back of my self created (with a small but perfect team) SONGS OF SOHO the webseries for my comedy character THE SINGING PSYCHIC, I decide going to 4 days of 9am to 11pm days at Webfest was a great use of my time. As an actor you are either busy running from shoot to shoot cramming in scripts or you are ‘resting’, a phrase Paul Clayton the actor who I played opposite in SUNDAY DINNER WITH THE MORGANS, hates with a passion.

‘It is not resting, it’s fighting for your life”

There were dozens of lectures, screenings of webseries, networking opportunities, all of which were wonderful but the best bit for me was simply hanging out with the other webseries creators. We felt like the wild wild west of film. Due to the budgets of webseries being much smaller than most films, including shorts as they are made to screen online rather at some point hope to hit a big screening at a festival, webseries creators get to do what they want. There is less money so we really do get to create what we want, noone worrying about high profile castings or the ‘money’ coming down wondering how to sell it. The freedom is truly great (and terrifying!)


So I have to thank all of Raindance, including Elisar and Rochelle. I also caught up with director Peter Lydon who I have worked with on two commercials as his short DATING ELIZA was screened and nominated at Raindance

I love being in the film world and below are a few links to my favorite webseries i discovered there. The fact that their creators all became friends of mine and their webseries were all wonderful was a lucky accident!

The first ever instagram series was amazing as well 😉 32 episodes, 15 seconds each and each episode had an arc!

I also loved this though I did not meet the makers,
Croissant Man is the story of a depressed Croissant trying to find meaning in the superficial world of Bourgeois pastries.
Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 19.40.19