Bunker Podcast over 160k views & recording MarsCorp

Last year I played a slightly deranged gardener in the future for David Knight and David Price, the producers and writers of the Bunker Podcast. It has reached over 160,000 listens and the comedy fiction podcast The Bunker is currently on the frontpage of the US iTunes store.
Here is one clip of me

bunker podcast

The producers are thus making a (Kickstarter funded) new series – Marscorp. I have just recorded my parts and I can reveal it is a super funny script. My main character was like a RIPLEY but totally overaware of herself and obsessed with how she is seen and will be remembered. If she could have, she would have definitely Instagrammed selfies of herself during dangerous moments 😉 It is brilliantly written and I will be posting it when the first episode comes out!

Link to the entire Bunker podcast series is http://gorillafilmonline.com/podcasts-b…/the-bunker-podcast/