SHUDDER at Cannes film festival 2016

SHUDDER is the most amazing short film which I have been waiting for, to see how it does in it’s film festival run. It has spent a long time in post production as it was shot on green screen and then rotarscoped, so every frame has been worked on. There are always some projects that as an actress you can’t wait to see and when I saw an edit at a screening in October I was super excited. It deals with the issue of war photographers. It has been a huge project for Rob Ride the director and Tom Booth the producer.

Shudder cannes

It has got into Cannes and I am looking forward to seeing it there. The film is so brilliantly put together, edited and post FX’d that I refuse to believe it will not end up in lots of film festivals 😉 I play the main female lead and get to dodge bullets, explosions and shrapnel.