Richard Linklater and his amazing storytelling

Last night I was at a special screening of  Richard Linklater’s new film EVERYBODY WANTS SOME and he spoke beforehand about how his writing. I have always loved his work from Dazed and Confused (he refers to this new film as the spiritual sequel to that) and of course his trilogy of the BEFORE SUNSET films plus Boyhood and one of my secret favourites SCHOOL OF ROCK.

The film is very funny with some awesome parties in it that just make you remember your wildest nights and it also made me remember my own university days. Richard Linklater was very funny talking about how when he first went to college on a baseball scholarship and that first sense of absolute freedom. One of the cast was also there, Tyler Hoechlin, and the reminiscing of how good Richard is at ping pong was a little scary. Although the trailer seems very much marketed at the teen boys market, the film is more intelligent and has a real heart. Definitely worth a watch when it comes out and the soundtrack is fabulous 😉

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