Soho Radio interview with The Tiger Lilies also on as guests!

Sometimes being an actor you get to meet incredible artistes that you have always admired. This was the case in January when I was a guest on SOHO Radio with Clare Lynch and the other guests were The Tiger Lilies! I have loved this band and seem them a lot in Soho, so the fact I got to chat to Adrian Stout, the bass and saw player was a dream… He was the reason I tried to play the musical saw and nearly lost a finger trying to actually make the thing make a noise… Of course i had to tell him that 😉

The full interview with The Tiger Lilies (Martin the singer and guitarist/accordion/piano player phoned in from Berlin) and myself is below. I was talking about creating my work, the Singing Psychic and mentioning my new show that I am currently researching and developing. They were launching their new album A COLD NIGHT IN SOHO.
Adrian and I don’t start talking til 6 minutes in but then it is back and forth for the hour.
soho radio tiger lilies


Link to review and where you can buy The Tiger Lilies new album