Filming Fluid in my old stomping ground, the City

I was filming last weekend on Jonathan Bart’s feature film the science fiction Fluid. We used lawyers offices in the City of London and where I parked was in sight of Southwark Bridge. I used to work at HSBC on the trading floor there as a dealer (in government bonds as opposed to anything less liquid!) The day I left, effectively retiring from the City to go fly to Los Angeles for drama training I walked out the building and stood on Southwark bridge feeling so free. So I had to take a photo of the historic bridge.

Fluid is a very cool script of science and flashbacks etc, it was great to see such a multi cultured cast! Plus there was a Nespresso machine on set! Yeah! I am a complete coffee addict so this was a result as if I could bring my own Nespresso machine to set I would be very happy.

My Manolo Blahniks were of particular interest to the largely female cast!

On set Vine