The Singing Psychic sings again :)

This weekend I am doing more of my character ‘The Singing Psychic’ as part of the Face To Face Festival at the Lost Theatre, London. Colin Watkeys, the curator and solo theatre directing veteran has put a great group of solo performers together this week.┬áLast night I tried completely improvising my show as part of the cabaret and today I am one of the ‘One To One’ performers, so one audience member to one performer.

As an audience member you get a Singing Psychic reading from me, a Bob Dylan Tarot card reading from the fabulous and award winning Claire Dowie, dream telling from Louise Wallinger, Deirdre Strath’s cocktails and Peta Lily on Imperfection.

I love doing the readings as they are all about the audience member and the story of their lives. As an actor I get to tell many peoples stories but in these readings I get to explore their stories. The first time I did these Singing Psychic readings back in July as Colin Watkeys booked me to do them, I was terrified but quickly fell in love with the stories and the opportunities to really have proper two way dialogue with the audience.

Last night’s show was more of a no script but a few ideas live improvised piece which I loved, Colin is particularly good at getting me to trust myself. The full one hour show is yet to be written but in my head I am planning it to be my next Edinburgh show.

Here is a podcast interview I did with Colin on making solo theatre when I did the show in July, it is part of my Love Your Creativity website.