Night & death shoots for ‘Housewarming’

I had the first night shoot this week of this great short directed by Lefteris Parasyris. It is being shot on Red Epic (yes I like to know these things!) and the Director Of Photography was a very tall slim woman called Martine Woolf and she fabulously manhandled this monster Camera. I get to die again (this is my 11th time dying on screen) but it was the first time for me to have the full stabbing wound makeup, as pictured below. I felt like Frankenstein’s monster lying on a table as Daniel Delgado Ortiz, the brilliant makeup artist and Nora his assistant did my face make up and Fiddled with my wound!

Nothing like lying under the arches in the freezing cold, thank goodness for the crew throwing coats on me when the camera stopped rolling and the wonderful Bianca, costume designer, stylist, hot drink bringer bad my all round saviour!