‘Sunday Dinner’ screened in 3 countries over nex 24 hours

The award winning short film ‘Sunday Dinner With The Morgans’ that I filmed earlier in the year is being screened tonight at Camerimage Festival in Poland tonight, at the BFI tomorrow lunchtime as part of a short festival and ¬†at a ¬†Munich festival tomorrow evening. I would so love to be in Poland tonight.


Camerimage festival in Poland is renowned for being a great festival aimed at fantastic cinematography and was, I gather from Jack Pollington the producer, the festival they wanted to get into and the making of the film was aimed at. Obviously I have Polish blood so it would have been lovely to be there. I could not get over there as I have clashing commitments but I know most of the crew are there as well as most of the crew from the Housewarming film I did a few weeks ago.


I think this is the 8th or 9th festival Sunday Dinner has been in, it started its run with 4 American film festivals in September and has won ‘Best In Show’ there. I look forward to seeing where else it is going!

Sunday Dinner With The Morgans US Film Festivals