Singing Psychic shows & videos

My comedy character The Singing Psychic is on a roll at the moment. Each week Wednesday 11.30am a new video gets posted either a new episode of what may be the first ever cabaret webseries SONGS OF SOHO o or a new zodiac star sigh reading in SONGS OF THE ZODIAC.

I am just 2 days away from the first of my week at Camden Fringe festival shows. i have done Edinburgh, Brighton, Montreal fringe festivals to name a few but this is my first Camden Fringe.

I got a great review from London Theatre 1 when i did the Best of the Solo Theatre Festival at the White Bear in June and July.

‘Completely bonkers (in a good way) *****

The Singing Psychic Camden Fringe shows August 17th-22nd 2015
at Tristan Bates. Here is the trailer for the shows.

My next live London shows

Mon 17 – Sat 22 Aug, 9.15pm
Tickets £10 / £8 details here

The Singing Psychic walks through a world of music: people’s hearts sing to her and even buildings themselves can’t help but sing their songs to her.

The link to all my Singing Psychic zodiac sign readings is here.