Singing Psychic testimonial

“Marysia brought a whole new dimension to our event. She gave so much thought and energy to the event and her part. She made the audience feel special and brought the event to life. As an event organiser having an actress who can read the situation and the client and adapt to the surroundings is imperative and Marysia couldn’t have done it any better. I overheard people saying through out the night .. “You’ve got to see the psychic .. she is brilliant!” … and as a result there was always a queue outside her door”       Alice Hodge, The Art of Dining

As many of you know, when I am not doing straight dramatic acting film roles I have a comedy character who keeps me entertained. The Singing Psychic is my Polish alter ego in many ways and I have been loving getting back on stage doing stand up to live audiences as well as making some fairly bonkers videos.  I got this wonderful testimonial from my week of corporate gigs I did before Christmas, as above.

Today I have finally signed the deal for a super cool major gig, which I can’t tell you about til I do it but it is definitely a step up in gigs for The Singing Psychic. Either way 4500 people is a decent number for a comedy gig and there should be TV coverage as well so….

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