Fluid production still & screening

I shot a feature film with director/writer Jonathon Bart ‘Fluid” late 2014 and the screening is mid February. it was a truly mixed cast and a very interesting sci-fi thriller angle script. Here is a production still. I am waiting to see the posters and the actual finished film itself.

Fluid19.1 Marysia Trembecka

At the time I am writing this there is the current storm over the all white Oscar nominations and thus the changing of the Academy Award voters panel next year, based on current work as opposed to lifelong membership. However Fluid was a fabulous mix of every wonderful skin tone and eye colour that we get in human beings plus strong female roles and female leads. I have not yet seen The Revenant but I have heard the only female character in it is the bear. 😉

(I have just IMDB’d this and there are a few woman listed in the cast but given the female character names are Crying Woman no 1,  Crying Woman no 2  and Pregnant Woman so it does not bode well.