Queen Of The F*cking World cabaret theatre Edinburgh Fringe 2018 success

I took the brand new 2018 sequel to my Arts Council funded 2017 show Queen Of The F*cking World all about sexual politics with my guitars to Edinburgh Fringe again  in 2018 to perform a full run alongside the tre-quel of The Singing Psychic.

Doing two solo one-woman very different shows each day is pretty full on, one all comedy and improvisation with games, the other with my bass guitar, guitar and about love and sexual politics, but always the thing that keeps me inspired and going is my audience who keep coming back every year to see the new work of each character or indeed both shows! On the very first day of my 2018 Queen Of The F*cking World: The Second Coming a lady proudly came up at the end of the show to proudly show me her Queen badge from last years show! The first night of my Singing Psychic 2018 show a lady came up after and said she had come to see both shows last year and was planning to see the two new versions this year. The comments after every show and the full rooms of wonderful audience members, plus the twitter feedback.. I only got one reviewer in this year for Queen and it was 5 stars 😉


Of course my Queen show is fiercely about being a queen and not being a princess or a prince, so this year I had written new songs. I even dragged my guitar on stage, I am a bass player but it was very cool having two instruments on stage to play.

Here is the trailer for Queen 2018